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Live (normal server) WTS 2 EQ ACCOUNTS on AB server (1 Viewer)

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Nov 4, 2013
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WTS 2 EQ accounts on AB

Selling 2 EQ account on Ab including 5 lvl 100 ,expansions up to Rof .

First one is a lvl 100 berserker with 5k3 aa fully geared with some rof raid gear ,weapons.he has the best 2 hs for decapitate awesome PL.

- lvl 100 rogue with 3k5 aa ,t3 Rof raid daggers and much more .

- lvl 100 necro with 2766 aa epic 2.0 mostly t1 Rof gear with some raid stuff. Em 12 earrings and miss some 96 to 100 spells .

All characters are on the same account ,fully transferable and all comes with t5 merc .
Account has 7 years vétéran rewards.Comes with 300 kpp to buy krono

will throw in a lvl 100 sk account for free on ab 9 years veteran AA full rof T1 +epic 1.5 3k5 AA ,T5 merc (its an old rl friend account ,played 3 months then left game so i don't have secret answer on this one but i'm the only one to have pass due to sony hack many years ago )

asking 300 usd

2 account is a lvl 100 mag with 4k2 aa , EM 14 earring ,T5 merc ,8 years veteran AA and 350 kpp.9 gold days left

Asking 250 usd .
Can show you chars ingame
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