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WTS: 100/3k Dwarf PAL (FV), 96/3k Wood Elf RNG (AB) (1 Viewer)

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Nov 20, 2012
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Looking to sell two toons:

Level 100 Dwarf Paladin / ~3050AA. Great toon for swarm tanking and PLing. Firiona Vie - $200 OBO
Level 96 Wood Elf Ranger / ~2950AA. MAX HEADSHOT. I routinely use this toon for HS PL'ing and farming in Feerrott, Kaesora, Tosk, Cooling Chmabers, etc. Antonious Bayle - $125 FIRM

Both chars fully equipped with decent gear, turn-key ready to play. Both accounts silver (note: gold sub is required to use prestige gear).

Will sell both as a package for $300. May consider p99 trades (druid account, high end items/plat).

PM me with questions or offers. Thanks!
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