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WTS 100/10086 Troll SK - Povar (1 Viewer)

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Jan 20, 2014
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sk magelo.jpg

This account is currently Silver and is able to create an 85 Heroic Character. It has all expansions.

The Male Troll Shadowknight is the only character currently on the account.

The character has a few neat clickies including Epic 2.0, High Elf illusion shoulders, and Mastruq illusion.

10086 well spent AA and useful/relevant spells up to current level. J5 Merc quest is finished.

Tradeskills are maxed and Shawl Aug 3.0 is complete and equipped. VoA Stone Tear is 11/20 and has AC/HP HoT Trophies as well as 800k Tribute to use them.

This character is eligible for transfer! I am looking $375 via PayPal Gift but am open to price negotiation!

Please contact me through message if you have any questions at all.


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I have not followed EQ for a while, but are the stats pretty normal for group level SK at 100? 55k hp and 5300 ac seems a bit lowish for 100.

My gimp 90 SK which was mostly using tradeskill gear from 80 and AC augs was 50k+ hp,5k+AC and that was almost 2 years ago. Granted that was on FV... :)

Meanwhile I see that the evilgamer.net SKs now have 100k+ hp and 10k+ AC at raid level. Seems like a huge gap at 100 between grouper and raider. Can't a decent group Sk get like 80k and say 8k AC ?
Im thinking account went silver and lot of his items are prestige (require gold), so stats arent showing up right in picture. + augs do not work w/o gold sub.
CotF group gear will get you around 8500, good augs will get you close to 9k and maybe 90kish hps. You can see in the pics that a lot of gear is yellowed out so it's probably RoF stuff, you can use all the T1 CotF stuff with a silver account.
Yes unfortunately this account is Silver. He is in mostly T3 RoF gear with a few pieces of CoTF peppered in and most, if not all, T3 RoF gear is Prestige only. He also has a full set of AC Augs which I worked very hard on :p

I would be more than happy to spend some time creating a Magelo but as of right now I haven't had any interest in the account!
I've added a screenshot of an updated Magelo to the original post. Unfortunately you cannot create Magelo's anonymously anymore so this is the best I could do!
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