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WTB Platinum on Quellious (1 Viewer)

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Jan 22, 2005
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Hey all,

I find myself in need of some cheap and easy plat!! (don't we all?? :p )

Finally getting back into the game....

As I cant remember where I bought my last lot from online, I have decided to ask here if anyone has some decent amounts of plat they want to sell on Quellious.

Trusted people need reply only..... scammers, I'll hunt you down and cut off ya nuts! In other words, if you have sold before and are reliable, known here by more than a few as a trustworthy type, I want to hear from YOU!!!

Ps all payments will be done through paypal so I expect an invoice to be sent with details. :)

Oh, interested in some large amounts but I am not desperate (getting pp for elegant/sublime cultural stuff, and we all know how expensive that shit is!). Lets negotiate!!
CorruptionPlugins.com (my website.) Unfortunately Paypal and me are having some problems, so you may have to pay through your credit card on a new credit card payment system I'm getting set up from National Merchant Bancard. It is $100 / 1 million, except on Combine. I am a trusted seller, and National Merchant Bancard is a trusted credit card system, so you have nothing to worry about.
hehe, I have known you for a long time Unknown. I'll check out your site :)

Come on people!! Surely there must be a few of you out there with plat to sell!!!
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