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WTB p99 Acct (1 Viewer)

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Aug 19, 2011
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Looking for a 55+ on P99

Considering any except: War, Pally, Rogue, Cleric and Wiz

Especially interested in: druid, mage, shaman, nec or monk

Will reply to all offers as quickly as possible, maybe you have excellent SK/ENC/Bard you want to dump, let me know, I may be interested...doesn't hurt to see, right?

I don't visit here 15 times a day, but will respond ASAP.

Can be stripped of all but no drops...but should have their critical spells.

PayPal payment, will pay the PayPal fees. Have good trade rep at playerauctions for WoW purchases...
I also have a CATA WoW account for trade for p99 stuff.

This is my LAST wow account, I've quit WoW.
The two characters below are on the same account, the gold is in the posession of the shaman, the items are not stripped and many items may exist in banks and inventories of other server characters, everything this one account has, plus the 60 day gametime card is a PACKAGE.

It has characters on:
-----Gnomeregan Horde has an 85 pally that is 4.1 raid ready (356 prot and holy gear Pally) - Has very nice mounts bronze, red and rusted protos, a camel and sea horse plus racial mounts (remember, exalted!), achieves and so on. Max exhalted with all horde races. Exhalted with all Cata factions to 4.1 except Hellscream's Reach (revered). Seemed like a loved character. 525 alchemy 525 smithing. In a good guild and nobody knows me!
-----Also on this account on Gnomeregan is a 79 Shaman I have been working up. He has mail int BoA gear and weapon and over 80K on him. Mining/Eng skills in midgle-to-low range and 525 Arch.
-----Other low characters on other servers that may or may not have items of value in inventory or in bank.

This account I can give you what I got. Secret question and login information. Not much else, though I can give you the email it is currently subscribed to. (Purchased on PA with insurance)

The Cata account will have NO gametime on it. So, I also have a 60 Day game time card key I will include in a full price purchase. I can give the digits to you, or add them to the account before giving you the account control.

This one CATA account has:
80K+ gold
A level 85 male BE pally, ready to raid or craft for you
A level 79 male Goblin Shammy, ready to do whatever
60 day game card
mounts, BoA's, epic flying...

WIll trade for p99 stuff (acct, gear, pp) or sell outright.
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