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Jul 15, 2008
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Looking to buy a well geared account, looking to spend between $250 and $500. AB server would be nice, but welcoming accounts with xfer ability of course :) Interested in bard / cleric / bst / monk or sk/pal let me know :) One of these + cleric alt account and $500 is yours :)
Let me know.
ive got like a 15k hp rogue on AB. He was a twink and only has about 40aa but his gear is nice and aa's are cake. PM if interested.
I have 85 mnk on AB with 2.0, not sure about AA (maybe 2k?) an insane amount of clicky illusions, been around since 2005 or something so he has all the cool items like lev cloak, abashi rod from ntov, aon, etc etc, like 50k plat on him atleast and ALOT to sell... would show ingame if u PM cause it was a long time ago since I played him )

Im only interested in trades on Fippy Darkpaw, but anything might be of interest as long as its on that server.
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