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WTB Account - Drinal or Transferrable (1 Viewer)

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Jun 16, 2005
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Let me just put this out there, price is not important to me, but I will not be easily persuaded into paying more than I think a character/account is worth.
Currently in the market for an EQ1 Account, though I fear having a previous owner use the Account Recovery to get their account back, or at least locked/banned.
I will be as specific as I can with what I am looking for. Also, I will probably not reply super fast to all PMs, as I have a pretty rough work schedule. And I currently reside in Iraq, so timezone will have an affect on response times.

What I am seeking is an Account with one of the following, alts will not be considered for extra $$$, unless they're obviously worthy to sell alone, i.e. 80 Cleric + 80 Beastlord on same account.

Level: 70 - 80
Class: Cleric (75+), Beastlord, Shaman, Warrior (75+)
AA: 100 minimum
Keys/Flags: Any
Equipment: Not important, but not stripped of droppables.

Send PM with the following:
*Up-to-Date Magelo/EQ Players Link
*Up-to-Date Magelo/EQ Players Link for noteworthy Alts
*Current Server
*Character Class, Race, and Gender
*If Character(s) are Transferrable
*Asking Price - Must Be Negotiable.

Thanks in advance.
Do people even really visit this place anymore? I can understand the Level 2 section and all, but do people honestly buy/sell accounts sucessfully on here? Don't seem to impress at the moment, considering what I listed is far from unusual. And to receive no responses, save for someone selling a character I did not list.

(Unfortunately my PayPal wont go through, Limited Access cause of retards trying to guess my password)
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