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Wow Account (1 Viewer)

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So old and salty he grew scales
Sep 28, 2005
Rating - 100%
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I bought Cataclysm and played Wow for 2 weeks and hated it. Do not like any of the new changes so selling my account.
I am the original owner. The account is 100% legit. Never bought gold etc. All toons are transferable.

Looking for $250.00 ish. If seriously interested will PM Wow armory links.

5 toons on account.

3 on PVE Elune about 2300 gold on DK

85 Death Knight night elf male Frost/Blood Health 113k Ilevel 347
  • 525 Mining 525 Black Smith 330 Archeology 357 Fishing 490 Cooking 519 First Aid 375 Riding
83 Warlock gnome male Demonology Health 71k Mana 57k - just started leveling 300 Riding
  • 525 Mining 491 Enchanting
80 Pally draenei female

2 on Spinebreaker PVP
60 Warlock undead male
54 Druid male tauren
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