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Items Live (normal server) **UPDATED 2/28/24 Lots new Memoryforged / Prizes** Illusions, Mounts, Contracts, Memoryforged, Extra-life codes (2 Viewers)


Apr 7, 2023
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Willing to deliver to your server on larger orders or for the cost of transfer included on smaller. Will consider reasonable offers around the going rate and also package discounts. Items on Vox Server.
Krono preferred but will accept paypal. WILL ONLY REPLY TO DIRECT MESSAGES

-Edit- Sets of ALL LS Collections available!

Prize: Mask of Scaled Cunning x4
Prize: Miniature Eyepatch x2
Price: Visage of the War Pirate
Wrapped Visage of the Rivervale Deputy
Prize: Visage of Nilipus

Prize: Visage of the Screaming Banshee
Prize: Aspect of the Bloodstone
Prize: Aspect of the Eagle x2
Prize: Visage of the Vitrik
Prize: Guise of the Predator
Prize: Mastruq Bone Mask
Prize: Visage of the Bixie Drone
Prize: Visage of the Ice Golem
Prize: Visage of the Hooded Scrykin
Prize: Visage of the Stone Gargoyle
Prize: Dragorn War Mask
Wrapped Visage of an Enchanted Armor Guardian x3
Prize: Scaley Horned Mask
Prize: Visage of the Kobold Serf
Prize: Form of the Recluse
Prize: Strange Bone Mask
Prize: Visage of the Embattled Minotaur
Prize: Shadowstone Tiara
Mask of the Chetari
Prize: Visage of King Gragnar
Prize: Form of Crystalline Skittering
Wrapped Visage of the Shissar Priest

Majestic Mallard - Duck Mount Code
Prize: Ornate Flying Carpet

Adoptable Resplendent Owlbear Saddle
Adoptable Lumbering Chokidai
Adoptable Halasian Battle Bear
Adoptable Mischievous Mottled Mutt (Dog mount)
Adoptable Dwarven War Worg
Prize: Wiring Mount Saddle x3
Prize: Frost Wurm Saddle
Prize: Bridle of the Bloodied Sokokar
Prize: Bridle of the Emerald Sokokar
Prize: Bear Saddle
Prize: Jade Hydra Saddle
Prize: Tiger Raptor Saddle
Prize: Frightful Wrulon Saddle
Prize: Bridle of the Wrulon Warder
Prize: Firescale Wrulon Saddle
Prize: Meleen's Horse Saddle
Prize: Bridle of the Mystical Kirin
Prize: Umbrah Selyrah Saddle
Prize Venomous Raptor Saddle x2
Tradeable: Polar Bear Saddle

Prize: Gnome Pirate Contract
Prize: Fear Crazed Chetari Contract
Prize: Mystical Contract
Prize: Gargoyle Contract
Prize: Nihil Contract
Prize: Werewolf Contract x3
Prize: Contract of the Dark Arachnids

*Crate / Misc*
Wrapped Statue of Aten Ha Ra x2
Extra-Life Codes $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 (from 2023)
Wrapped Banner of the Vah Shir Crest x6
Wrapped Hollowshade Moor Bonfire x7
Wrapped Sculpted Vah Shir Effigy x4
Wrapped Painting Grimling Forest Outpost x7
Wrapped Rivervale Jumjum Cart
Prize: Familiar of the Zombie Doorman
Adoptable Dejected Forest Spirit Familiar x2
Adoptable Metamorph: Writhing Shadow x4
Adoptable Metamorph: Grimling Skeleton x4
Adoptable Metamorph: Rhinobeetle x6
Adoptable Metamorph: Watchwolf x2 (Collect these 4 for the secret unlocked metamorph)
Multiples of all Muada/Welaar's Vah Shir Crate Suits - Cloth, Chain, Leather, Scalemail, Ringmail, Plate
Adoptable Gale Wolf Familiar x6
Adoptable Firiona Drixie Familiar x5
Adoptable Rolling Plains Steed Familiar (unicorn) x4
Wrapped Felwithe Candelabra x8
Prize: Frightstone Ornaments - Axe, Claw, Hammer, Shield, Shiv, etc
Wrapped Painting: Ruins of Takish-Hiz x5
Wrapped Painting: Drunder, the Fortress of Zek
Adoptable Pit Scorpion
Adoptable Scorpikis Impaler
Adoptable Golden Crypt Feaster
Prize: Baby Red Dragon
Prize: Familiar of Valik the Cruel
Suit of Draconic Lava Cloth, Leather
Suit of Restless Ice Cloth, Chain, Leather, Robe

*Memoryforged (Chase)*
Great Mace
War Sword (knight 1hand)
Broadsword (warrior 1hand)
Tower Shield
Kite Shield
Spiked Shield
Bow (tank - not ranger)

*Non Vis*
Security Necklace
Vigorous Amice
Adroit Amice
Brilliance Cloak
Refund Policy
🛎️ No Refunds
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