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Two EQ1 Accounts (1 Viewer)

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May 22, 2011
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1. 16/17 Expansions: A level 73 Male Orge Warrior with some fabled weapons, the pok book, and more fun things :) about 90aas also a level 64 Druid on that account, with a 27-31 cleric, enchanter, and mage.. About 10kp on the account along with a fungi tunic and a bunch of other old school items that were at one point really cool but now have decreased in value haha

2. 15/17 Expansions: Next account has a 61Monk and a 55 Mage... I am not sure on the exact stats or anything but if u are interested I can show u any of the characters ingame, since we have freetime enabled right now haha.. I am trying to log in but it isent letting me atm so i will just post this and if u are interested in buying them for a very low price then send me a email with ur offer and the highest bid wins haha I will be posting all exact information once it lets me log in... by that I mean exact levels/aas/race/etc... Any Actual stats will have to be shown in game..

I do not want to take my time making a magelo so I would assume that would deduct the price some too... email me at [email protected] and reply on here so i can contact u if ur interested

Ok it let me in.. so i changed everything.. any extra information u want to know just email me
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Kjrickab, you should just post the vet rewards enabled on the account, everything char you listed can be done in a 1 day playtime now. So noone will buy unless it has a crapton of veteran rewards enabled on the account.
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