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SOLD :: WTS 100/5851 AA Female Dwarf Cleric on Bertox (RoF) : $100 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 20, 2005
Rating - 100%
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Up for sale is a level 100 Female Dwarf Cleric w/5851 aa on the Bertox server. I am original owner and character can be transferred, renamed, etc. No epic but does have J5 merc. RoF expansion, RoF T4 group gear.
Price is $100. Payment via paypal as gift please.

Chattering Skull
Fear Shard Earring
Frightweave Helm of the Light
Dirt-Covered Veil (Candle of Hollow Souls)
Intricate Fear-Tainted Earring
Lost Harbinger Necklace
Herald's Shawl
Frightweave Vambraces of the Light
Tentacle Flesh Cape
Frightweave Bracer of the Light
Frightweave Bracer of the Light
Skin of Bitter Wine
Frightweave Gauntlets of the Light
Mace of Regression
Fear Crystal Shield (Crushed Hope)
Steelweave Ring
Shrieking Ring
Frightweave Breastplate of the Light (Multifaceted Gem of Cowardice)
Frightweave Greaves of the Light
Resonating Boots of Aetemius
Glask's Sash
Darkened Resonating Stone Tear

Rucksack of the Adventurer
Distorted Emblem
Miniature Rallosian Right Glove Shell
Slit Skull
Miniature Rallosian Breastplate Front
Burdensome Pall
Mysterious Belt of Daggers
Nightmarish Cape
Miniature Rallosian Right Glove Padding
Miniature Rallosian Left Glove Padding
Miniature Rallosian Greave Hips
Miniature Rallosian Greave Padding
Timeshear Green Fragment Ena
Lancer's Bauble
Shadeswirl Ring
Spear-Headed Spaulders
Torflog's Bauble

Deluxe Toolbox
Shawl of the Heart's Depths
Skull Shoulderpad
Alaran Spirit Sash
Pauldrons of Pretense
Vizlix's Pauldrons of Pretense
Duplicitous Cloak
Dire Tuning Crystal x7
Totem of Souls

Deluxe Toolbox

Deluxe Toolbox
Pulsing Vine
Aetemius' Bracer
Distorting Crystal Grimace
Cloak of Bloody Scales
Aetemius' Bracer
Blue Belt
Alacritous Greaves

Deluxe Toolbox
Elaborate Consigned Plate Gauntlets
Pestilent Breastplate
Gift of the Caesar
Bubbling Shoulderpads
Band of Minimal Effort
Enlightening Chaos Band
Forgotten Mojo
Vambrace of Salubritas
Brazen Barricade
Whispering Compass

Rust-Tinged Box of Fear
Essence Augmentor

Deluxe Toolbox

Deluxe Toolbox

Apothecary's Satchel

Traveler's Rucksack
Consigned Complete Armor Bundle x7
Bottle of Adventure II
Deluxe Toolbox
Deluxe Toolbox
Deluxe Toolbox
Fellowship Registration Insignia
Bottle of Hastened Adventure III x3
Cloudy Potion x11
Deluxe Toolbox
Pearl x100
Armored Battle Shire Saddle
Potion of Speed x10
Potion of Adventure x10
Primary Anchor Transport Device
Elegant Defiant Plate Gauntlets
Elegant Defiant Plate Helm
Elegant Defiant Breastplate
Secondary Anchor Transport Device
AA Spent: 5851
AA Banked: 22

Baking Mastery: 0/3
Bandage Wounds: 0/5
Battle Ready: 0/4
Blacksmithing Mastery: 0/3
Brewing Mastery: 0/3
Combat Agility: 50/54
Combat Medic: 0/5
Combat Stability: 48/53
Delay Death: 0/40
Discordant Defiance: 0/20
Energetic Attunement: 0/15
Eyes Wide Open: 5/5
First Aid: 0/3
Fletching Mastery: 0/3
Foraging: 0/1
General Sturdiness: 30/35
Identify: 0/1
Innate Agility: 0/15
Innate Charisma: 0/15
Innate Cold Protection: 0/15
Innate Corruption Protection: 0/5
Innate Dexterity: 0/15
Innate Disease Protection: 0/15
Innate Fire Protection: 0/15
Innate Intelligence: 0/15
Innate Lung Capacity: 0/6
Innate Magic Protection: 0/15
Innate Metabolism: 3/3
Innate Poison Protection: 0/15
Innate Regeneration: 35/35
Innate Run Speed: 5/5
Innate See Invis: 0/1
Innate Stamina: 0/15
Innate Strength: 0/15
Innate Wisdom: 0/15
Jewel Craft Mastery: 0/3
Mental Fortitude: 0/3
Mystical Attuning: 20/22
Mystical Shield: 0/1
Natural Durability: 6/6
New Tanaan Crafting Mastery: 0/6
Origin: 1/1
Packrat: 0/11
Planar Agility: 0/40
Planar Charisma: 0/40
Planar Dexterity: 0/40
Planar Intelligence: 0/40
Planar Power: 20/20
Planar Stamina: 35/40
Planar Strength: 0/40
Planar Wisdom: 35/40
Pottery Mastery: 0/3
Quick Draw: 0/2
Salvage: 0/6
Tailoring Mastery: 0/3
Veteran's Enhancement: 1/1
Abundant Healing: 30/30
Armor of Wisdom: 18/18
Bind Affinity: 0/1
Cascade of Life: 4/4
Critical Affliction: 9/9
Destructive Fury: 24/24
Expansive Mind: 38/41
Forceful Rejuvenation: 1/1
Fury of Magic: 24/27
Gate: 1/1
Gift of Mana: 9/9
Group Perfected Invisibility to Undead: 1/1
Hastened Curing: 0/6
Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation: 0/7
Hastened Silent Casting: 0/9
Healing Adept: 21/21
Healing Boon: 24/24
Healing Gift: 30/30
Innate Enlightenment: 5/5
Intrinsic Efficiency: 3/3
Mastery of the Past: 30/30
Mental Clarity: 38/41
Mental Stamina: 25/28
Mnemonic Retention: 4/4
Persistent Casting: 12/12
Prolonged Salve: 3/3
Quick Buff: 3/3
Quickened Radiant Cure: 0/5
Quickened Silent Casting: 0/3
Radiant Cure: 9/9
Secondary Forte: 1/1
Shield Block: 9/14
Shielding of Spirits: 3/3
Silent Casting: 5/5
Spell Casting Fury: 3/3
Spell Casting Mastery: 4/4
Spell Casting Reinforcement: 5/5
Spell Casting Subtlety: 15/15
Twinheal: 7/7
Written Prayer: 10/10
Battle Frenzy: 9/9
Beacon of Life: 2/2
Bestow Divine Aura: 1/1
Blessed Chains: 1/1
Blessing of Resurrection: 1/1
Blessing of Sanctuary: 0/1
Burst of Life: 1/1
Call of the Herald: 1/1
Cascading Divine Aura: 2/2
Celestial Hammer: 21/21
Celestial Rapidity: 3/3
Celestial Regeneration: 7/27
Divine Arbitration: 3/3
Divine Avatar: 0/18
Divine Guardian: 2/5
Divine Peace: 1/1
Divine Resurrection: 1/1
Divine Retribution: 0/9
Exquisite Benediction: 0/8
Extended Healing Frenzy: 0/1
Extended Swarm: 0/9
Flurry of Life: 0/4
Focused Celestial Regeneration: 0/15
Fundament of Wisdom: 9/9
Fundament: First Spire of Divinity: 3/3
Fundament: Second Spire of Divinity: 3/3
Fundament: Third Spire of Divinity: 3/3
Group Purify Soul: 0/1
Hastened Atonement: 0/3
Hastened Blessing of Resurrection: 1/3
Hastened Celestial Hammer: 0/6
Hastened Celestial Regeneration: 0/5
Hastened Divine Avatar: 0/9
Hastened Divine Guardian: 0/3
Hastened Divine Intervention: 0/6
Hastened Divine Resurrection: 0/6
Hastened Divine Retribution: 0/3
Hastened Divinity: 0/5
Hastened Focused Celestial Regeneration: 0/5
Hastened Improved Twincast: 0/5
Hastened Mass Group Buff: 0/6
Hastened Purification of the Soul: 0/7
Hastened Purified Spirits: 0/6
Hastened Renewal: 0/6
Hastened Sanctuary: 0/6
Hastened Shield of Reverence: 0/3
Hastened Turn Undead: 0/10
Healing Frenzy: 0/9
Holy Root: 0/6
Improved Atone: 0/5
Improved Burst of Life: 0/16
Improved Sanctuary: 0/1
Improved Twincast: 0/4
Innate Invis to Undead: 1/1
Mass Group Buff: 0/1
Overpowering Strikes: 0/9
Powerful Elixirs: 3/3
Purified Spirits: 0/2
Purify Soul: 0/2
Quickened Blessing of Ressurection: 0/3
Quickened Turn Undead: 0/4
Quiet Miracle: 2/2
Recourse of Life: 0/23
Repel the Wicked: 0/1
Righteous Zeal: 0/9
Sanctified Blessing: 0/9
Sanctuary: 0/1
Sense the Dead: 0/1
Shield of Reverence: 0/3
Spirit Mastery: 1/1
Touch of the Divine: 0/19
Tranquil Blessings: 0/1
Turn Undead: 0/15
Twincast: 0/4
Twinproc: 0/6
Unfailing Divinity: 1/3
Veturika's Perseverance: 1/1
Ward of Purity: 0/12
Yaulp: 0/2
Banestrike: 1/1
Glyph of Angry Thoughts: 0/1
Glyph of Arcane Secrets: 0/1
Glyph of Courage: 0/1
Glyph of Destruction: 0/1
Glyph of Draconic Potential: 0/1
Glyph of Dragon Scales: 0/1
Glyph of Genari Might: 0/1
Glyph of Indeterminable Reward: 0/1
Glyph of Lost Secrets: 0/1
Glyph of Stored Life: 0/1
Glyph of the Cataclysm: 0/1
Glyph of the Master: 0/1
Harmonic Dissonance: 1/1
Knowledge of Alaran Culture: 1/1
Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced: 1/1
Summon Tome of the Hero's Journey: 1/1
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