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SOLD :: WTS 100/12555 AA Male Gnome Shadowknight on Bertox (CoF) :: REDUCED (1 Viewer)

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Sep 20, 2005
Rating - 100%
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This is my main char for sale. 12555 AA/maxxed out merc AA, max all tradeskills, max trophies, 1 mil+ plat. Bank packed full of tradeskill stuff, t5 mercs, station store armor graphics purchased. AC augs in every slot. It's a beast of a tank. Lots of clickies and trophies. Idol of talendor ac boost among others. Any specific questions just ask.

Must sell. Asking $350 OBO.

Chattering Skull (Slipgear's Gem) (Irae Faycite Shard: Plague of Klonda)
Safeward Stud (Barrier of Coalesced Clouds) (Irae Faycite Shard: Spear of Grelleth)
Frightweave Helm of the Revenant (Curator's Treasure) (Violet Crystallized Essence) (Jack O' Lantern Head Ornament)
Glaring Stalwart Mask of Hatred (Slippery Slimerock) (Irae Faycite Shard: Ralstok's Bite)
Glowing Ruby Earring (Krucidon's Inverted War Charm) (Irae Faycite Shard: Touch of Falsin)
Fearstraw Stuffing (Fragmented Echo) (Icy Prism of Avoidance)
Vizlix's Pauldrons of Pretense (Worn Petrified Mephit Bone Shard) (Tempus Faycite Shard: Gashing Blade)
Frightweave Vambraces of the Revenant (Herald's Glyph) (Violet Crystallized Essence) (Hero's Forge Plate Arms Ornament)
Ancient Cloak of Flames (Vitalizing Stone) (Irae Faycite Shard: Bond of Ralstok)
Frightweave Wristplate of the Revenant (Stone of the Crystal Circle) (Violet Crystallized Essence)
Frightweave Bracer of the Revenant (Spellstone of the Mistress) (Violet Crystallized Essence) (Hero's Forge Plate Wrist Ornament)
Razornails (Ionized Pinion) (Irae Faycite Shard: Dire Insinuation)
Frightweave Gauntlets of the Revenant (Bloodfeather's Eye) (Violet Crystallized Essence) (Valiant Plate Hands Ornament)
Spear of Lost Time (Vile Tormentor Skin)
Righteous Band of Renewal (Beveled Mithril Gear Set) (Tempus Faycite Shard: Reflexive Rancor)
Shadeswirl Ring (Pakjol's Appetite for Destruction) (Irae Faycite Shard: Repugnant Bargain)
Frightweave Breastplate of the Revenant (Glowing Eternal Shard) (Violet Crystallized Essence) (Ebon Hero's Forge Plate Chest Ornament)
Frightweave Greaves of the Revenant (Inflexible Scale) (Antithesis of Fear) (Ebon Hero's Forge Plate Legs Ornament)
Frightweave Boots of the Revenant (Multifaceted Gem of Cowardice) (Violet Crystallized Essence) (Ebon Hero's Forge Plate Feet Ornament)
Alaran Spirit Sash (Tantarene Gem of Heretical Power) (Irae Faycite Shard: Surreptitious Blight)
Translucent Energeian Light Orb
The Tears of Alaris

Traveler's Rucksack
Merchant's Brew x7
Merchant's Feast x8
Guise of Dark Lies
Gargoyle Hide Cloak
Polymorph Wand: Shadow Nekhon
The Chief's Influence
Boneshard Trophy Earring
Vicious Rabbit
Harbinger's Staff
Polymorph Wand: Simple Gnomework
Curious Companion Compactor
Holgresh Elder Beads
Philter of Major Translocation x17
Polymorph Wand: Steam Suit
Metamorph Totem: Nightmare Scorpion
Ring of the Ancients
Fellowship Registration Insignia
Chronomagic Axe (Pain Nullifier)
Potion of Adventure x13
Elixir of Replenishment x17
Class XIII Augmentation Distiller x10
Class XII Augmentation Distiller x14
Fresh Cookie Dispenser
Spiced Iced Tea Dispenser

Extraplanar Trade Satchel
Fine Feathers x100
Vanadium Ore x100
Pod of Water x17
Pod of Water x20
Planar Energy Shard x100
Tailored Rucksack Pattern x10
Planing Tool
Reinforced Filament x51
Calcified Filament x183
Exotic Silk x200
Translucent Energeian Sketch x8
Planar Energy Shard x82
Befouled Spinneret Fluid x18
Cloth Bolt x42
Exotic Silk x200
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Exotic Animal Pelt x100
Smudged Runic Orphic Card x4
Exotic Silk x200
Exotic Marrow x63
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Exotic Animal Pelt x100
Smudged Rough Orphic Card x9
Permafrost Crystals x5
Alaris Gemstone x58
Flawless Silk x61
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Mysterious Loam x100

Extraplanar Trade Satchel
Small Block of Magic Clay x18
Reinforced Medicine Bag
Befouled Marrow x99
Exotic Silk x200
Brimstone Coal x29
Smithy Hammer
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Planar Jeweler's Kit
Steel Ingot x76
Natural Spices x100
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Flawless Animal Pelt x66
Scorched Ore x13
Befouled Animal Pelt x83
Al-Metes x76
Exotic Silk x200
Exotic Animal Pelt x100
Half-Moon Cut Tool
Tailored Rucksack Pattern x20
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Exotic Silk x200
Planar Fletching Kit
Natural Spices x70
Fantastic Spinneret Fluid x6

Weapon Crate of the Mercenary
Mysterious Belt of Daggers
Baneice Globe
Befouled Animal Pelt x100
The Frozen's Grudge
Crushing Aegis of Dawn
Boradain's Sleet Pendant
Flawless Animal Pelt x100
Minor Dreadmote x15
Flawless Silk x200
Mysterious Loam x100
Webbed Netting Sleeves
Greater Dreadmote x8
Blue Belt
Bosquetreader's Chain Sleeves

Shredded Satchel
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Crate of Eviction
Exotic Animal Pelt x67
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Journeyman's Compass
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x39
Steel Ingot x100
Natural Spices x100
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100

Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack
Planar Goo x16
Corrupted Loam x11
Pod of Water x2
Mixing Bowl
Exotic Animal Pelt x100
Median Dreadmote x17
Fantastic Spinneret Fluid x100
Fantastic Marrow x92
Fantastic Animal Pelt x26
Planar Sewing Kit
Exotic Marrow x100
Exotic Animal Pelt x100
Glowing Dreadmote x2
Exotic Silk x65
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Frost-Coated Shield (Crushed Hope) (Durus Faycite Shard: Demand for Power)

Weapon Crate of the Mercenary
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Slit Skull
Exotic Silk x200
Mysterious Loam x32
Exotic Animal Pelt x100
Natural Spices x100
Exotic Marrow x100
Pearl x6
Animal Fearbone
Lesser Dreadmote x14

Weapon Crate of the Mercenary
Mysterious Loam x100
Denmother's Rolling Pin
Clay Flinger's Loop
Brewmaster's Mug
Fletcher's Arrow
Mystical Bolt
Blacksmith's Adamantine Hammer
Hovering Contraption
Intricate Jewelers Glass

Weapon Crate of the Mercenary
Forgotten Crypt Key
Pure Energeian Metal Orb
Potion of Amnesia
Metamorph Totem: Bone Golem
Visage of Farfathom
Bone Chips x3
Fantastic Animal Pelt x100
Mushroom x20
Exotic Spinneret Fluid x100
Mushroom x20
Regal Infused Knight's Hooked Greatblade (Transcendent Vicious Symbol of Terror)
Regal Infused Knight's Royal Blade (Transcendent Nimble Symbol of Terror)
Irae Faycite Shard: Smoldering Darkness
Martyr's Last Stand Ornament

Traveler's Rucksack
Terror's Juju
Helping Hand Familiar
Sealed Pure Energeian Metal Orb x15
Guise of the Deceiver
Token of Resurrection
Ooze Covered Warbow (Shard of the Deep Blue Sea)
Innoruuk's Dark Blessing
Token of Resurrection x5
Primary Anchor Transport Device
Secondary Anchor Transport Device
Potion of Binding x4
Book of Knowledge
Mark of Brell
Draught of Adventure x4
Draught of Grand Adventure x2
Ring of Fortune
The Fabled Binden Concerrentia
Quintessence of Knowledge x76
Rust-Tinged Box of Fear
Convoluted Assistant Appearance Augmentater
Blade of Abrogation
Heart of the Innocent
Blood of Kyrenna
AA Spent: 12555
AA Banked: 67

Baking Mastery: 3/3
Bandage Wounds: 5/5
Battle Ready: 4/4
Blacksmithing Mastery: 3/3
Brewing Mastery: 3/3
Combat Agility: 54/54
Combat Medic: 5/5
Combat Stability: 53/53
Delay Death: 40/40
Discordant Defiance: 20/20
Energetic Attunement: 15/15
Eyes Wide Open: 5/5
First Aid: 3/3
Fletching Mastery: 3/3
Foraging: 1/1
General Sturdiness: 35/35
Identify: 1/1
Innate Agility: 15/15
Innate Charisma: 15/15
Innate Cold Protection: 15/15
Innate Corruption Protection: 5/5
Innate Dexterity: 15/15
Innate Disease Protection: 15/15
Innate Fire Protection: 15/15
Innate Intelligence: 15/15
Innate Lung Capacity: 6/6
Innate Magic Protection: 15/15
Innate Metabolism: 3/3
Innate Poison Protection: 15/15
Innate Regeneration: 35/35
Innate Run Speed: 5/5
Innate See Invis: 1/1
Innate Stamina: 15/15
Innate Strength: 15/15
Innate Wisdom: 15/15
Jewel Craft Mastery: 3/3
Mental Fortitude: 3/3
Mystical Attuning: 22/22
Mystical Shield: 1/1
Natural Durability: 6/6
New Tanaan Crafting Mastery: 6/6
Origin: 1/1
Packrat: 11/11
Planar Agility: 40/40
Planar Charisma: 40/40
Planar Dexterity: 40/40
Planar Intelligence: 40/40
Planar Power: 20/20
Planar Stamina: 40/40
Planar Strength: 40/40
Planar Wisdom: 40/40
Pottery Mastery: 3/3
Quick Draw: 2/2
Salvage: 6/6
Tailoring Mastery: 3/3
Tinkering Mastery: 3/3
Veteran's Enhancement: 1/1
Ageless Enmity: 2/2
Armor of Wisdom: 18/18
Burst of Power: 12/12
Combat Fury: 6/6
Companion's Alacrity: 3/3
Companion's Blessing: 21/21
Companion's Durability: 21/21
Companion's Fury: 3/3
Critical Affliction: 9/9
Destructive Fury: 9/12
Divine Companion Aura: 1/1
Double Riposte: 6/6
Enhanced Aggression: 40/40
Expansive Mind: 41/41
Fear Resistance: 3/3
Finishing Blow: 29/29
Forceful Rejuvenation: 1/1
Fortify Companion: 12/12
Fury of Magic: 15/15
Gift of Mana: 9/9
Group Perfected Invisibility to Undead: 1/1
Hastened Companion's Blessing: 3/3
Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation: 7/7
Hastened Fortify Companion: 6/6
Hybrid Research: 10/10
Intrinsic Efficiency: 3/6
Mastery of the Past: 30/30
Mental Clarity: 41/41
Mental Stamina: 28/28
Mnemonic Retention: 4/4
Natural Healing: 3/3
Persistent Casting: 12/12
Persistent Minion: 1/1
Pet Affinity: 1/1
Quickened Encroaching Darkness: 3/3
Shield Block: 18/18
Spell Casting Deftness: 3/3
Spell Casting Expertise: 3/3
Spell Casting Fury: 3/3
Spell Casting Mastery: 4/4
Spell Casting Reinforcement: 5/5
Summon Companion: 4/4
Suspended Minion: 2/2
Veteran's Wrath: 21/21
Weapon Affinity: 7/7
2 Hand Bash: 1/1
Abyssal Steed: 1/1
Advanced Pet Discipline: 2/2
Bloodthirsty Blade: 6/6
Bobbing Corpse: 2/2
Body and Mind Rejuvenation: 1/1
Bony Grasp of Death: 2/2
Cascading Theft of Defense: 6/9
Cascading Theft of Life: 3/6
Chattering Bones: 12/12
Cloak of Shadows: 1/1
Companion's Agility: 18/18
Companion's Relocation: 1/1
Consumption of the Soul: 23/23
Death Peace: 2/2
Death's Effigy: 1/1
Death's Fury: 5/5
Death's Revenge: 13/13
Deathly Pact: 1/1
Destructive Cascade: 16/19
Encroaching Darkness: 1/1
Explosion of Hatred: 2/2
Explosion of Spite: 1/1
Extended Encroaching Darkness: 3/3
Extended Provocation for Power: 1/1
Extended Swarm: 9/9
Fearless: 1/1
Feigned Minion: 3/3
Flurry: 9/9
Fundament of Power: 9/9
Fundament: First Spire of the Reavers: 3/3
Fundament: Second Spire of the Reavers: 3/3
Fundament: Third Spire of the Reavers: 3/3
Gift of the Quick Spear: 1/1
Harm Touch: 24/24
Harmshield: 1/1
Hastened Companion's Relocation: 3/3
Hastened Deflection Discipline: 10/10
Hastened Divine Companion Aura: 5/5
Hastened Explosion of Hatred: 3/3
Hastened Harmshield: 3/3
Hastened Hate Step: 3/3
Hastened Hate's Attraction: 6/6
Hastened Leech Touch: 8/8
Hastened Leechcurse Discipline: 3/3
Hastened Projection of Doom: 3/3
Hastened Summon Remains: 3/3
Hastened Unholy Aura Discipline: 3/3
Hastened Visage of Death: 9/9
Hate Step: 2/2
Hate's Attraction: 6/6
Helix of the Undying: 2/2
Immobilizing Bash: 18/18
Improved Death Peace: 1/1
Improved Explosion of Hatred: 1/1
Improved Explosion of Spite: 1/1
Intense Hatred: 24/24
Knight's Advantage: 6/6
Knight's Return Strike: 3/3
Leech Touch: 1/1
Mindless Hatred: 0/1
Mirrored Pestilence: 3/3
Mortal Coil: 12/12
Pet Discipline: 1/1
Physical Enhancement: 1/1
Planar Durability: 3/3
Projection of Doom: 2/2
Purity of Death: 1/1
Quickened Scourge Skin: 3/3
Quickened Suspend Minion: 3/3
Quickened Terrors: 1/1
Ragged Bite of Agony: 1/1
Reinforced Malaise: 0/3
Rest the Dead: 5/5
Scourge Skin: 2/3
Shield Specialist: 5/5
Soul Abrasion: 13/13
Soul Flay: 6/6
Soul Touch: 1/1
Speed of the Knight: 18/18
Steadfast Will: 8/8
Steed of Souls: 1/1
Stream of Hatred: 0/1
Sturdy Companion: 18/18
Summon Remains: 1/1
T'vyl's Resolve: 0/1
Tactical Mastery: 5/5
Theft of Life: 22/22
Thought Leech: 3/3
Touch of the Cursed: 27/27
Touch of the Wicked: 4/4
Twinproc: 6/6
Unbridled Strike of Fear: 1/1
Unholy Steed: 1/1
Vengeful Spirits: 9/9
Vicious Bite of Chaos: 4/5
Vicious Smash: 24/24
Visage of Death: 6/6
Visage of Decay: 0/3
Voice of Thule: 3/3
Wicked Steed: 1/1
Willful Death: 15/15
Banestrike: 1/1
Glyph of Angry Thoughts: 1/1
Glyph of Arcane Secrets: 1/1
Glyph of Courage: 1/1
Glyph of Destruction: 1/1
Glyph of Draconic Potential: 1/1
Glyph of Dragon Scales: 1/1
Glyph of Frantic Infusion: 1/1
Glyph of Genari Might: 1/1
Glyph of Indeterminable Reward: 1/1
Glyph of Lost Secrets: 1/1
Glyph of Stored Life: 1/1
Glyph of the Cataclysm: 1/1
Glyph of the Master: 1/1
Harmonic Dissonance: 1/1
Infusion of the Faithful: 1/1
Knowledge of Alaran Culture: 1/1
Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced: 1/1
Lesson of the Devoted: 1/1
Summon Tome of the Hero's Journey: 1/1
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Re: WTS 100/MAX AA Male Gnome Shadowknight on Bertox (CoF) :: $400

are you really selling that toon? Are you going to stop playing?
Re: WTS 100/MAX AA Male Gnome Shadowknight on Bertox (CoF) :: $400

Yep. I haven't logged on in months. Time to let it go :(
Re: WTS 100/MAX AA Male Gnome Shadowknight on Bertox (CoF) :: $400

bah that sux to hear friend :(
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Re: WTS 100/MAX AA Male Gnome Shadowknight on Bertox (CoF) :: $400

Gear and inventory shown now
Re: WTS 100/12555 AA Male Gnome Shadowknight on Bertox (CoF) :: $400

Didn't know that. Updated post.
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