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Accounts Teek ***SOLD***Well Geared Level 60 DE Wizard! Blue Crystal Staff!!! VP KEY!!***SOLD*** (1 Viewer)


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Mar 21, 2024
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******ACCOUNT SOLD *****

Level 60 Dark Elf Wizard Account. I am the only owner and no cc/email/secret question has been set. Safe as an account can get.

Account has 7/7 Tower Items

Blue Crystal Staff for epic!

Mix of planar armor and +mana + mr focused items in the remaining slots.

Wizard show below self buffed add another 1000 hp and more resists for raids.

Seb Keyed.
VP Keyed.

Spells: Character has all the important dropped 51-60 spells but not every single last spell. Character has all 51-60 Vendor spells and ports.

Dropped Spells Include :

1. ALL LEVEL 60 Spells (1800pt fire DD, Cold Lure, 30 Target AoE, and Disintegrate)
2. All 3 rains (magic fire cold)
3. L59 Pet animation spell.
4. All 3 -300 resist spells (thought they are a mix of vendor and dropped)

I will also leave 10.000 plat on the account in case you think I missed any spells that you want. This is enough to buy any and all of the remaining if you want to. Or simply to spend elsewhere as you see fit.


1. Jboots
2. Staff of Temperate Flux
3. Evac Staff
4. Invis Ring

2 weeks left of free game time


Asking $250 or 25kr

Payment via paypal fnf only
Refund Policy
🛎️ None. I am the only owner. This account is as described and once you pay the account is yours.
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