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SOLD Free Server Transfer :: WTS 95/250 AA Female Froglok Wizard :: $35 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 20, 2005
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Up for sale is a level 95 female Froglok Wizard w/250 aa. I am original owner and character can be transferred, renamed, etc. No epic, no J5 merc. Free transfer to any live normal rules server.
Price is $35. Payment via paypal as gift please.

Formal Cap of the Arcanus
Erillion Winter Mantle
Formal Sleeves of the Arcanus
Formal Wristguard of the Arcanus
Formal Wristguard of the Arcanus
Gloomingdeep Lantern
Formal Gloves of the Arcanus
Kyzer's Ritual Dagger
Reviler's Steelwall
Resk's Focus Ring
Bronze Emblem
Formal Robe of the Arcanus
Formal Pants of the Arcanus
Formal Sandals of the Arcanus
Armored Battle Shire Saddle
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