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Shaman, Paly, Chanter/bard accounts on FV for Sale (1 Viewer)

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Feb 10, 2013
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EDIT: HALF OFF POSTED PRICE!! (take %50 off of my asking price)

Quitting again, selling off all but my main.
All are Male lvl 100's with 2k+ aa's, expansions up to ROF.

Chanter/Bard account: Silver accounts, aa's paid for with SC. The bard could use some new gear, probably walks around with 60kish hp haven't played him in a year or so. Chanter has top notch non-prestige, and is a gnome with max tinker--$160

SOLD Shaman: I let this one go to silver too, paid for the aa's with SC and geared up with top notch non-prestige and still never runs out of mana--$140

SOLD Paly: Kept this one on a gold account, needed all the hp I could get from the better prestige gear. Buffs to around 100k and 8.5kac and has a really cool nihil priest merc--$100

Never cared about doing any of their epics

U really won't even half to change their names, they're all 100% unknown because they've always been my boxed group.

I'm the original owner of all but the bard, I bought him about 2 years ago but I have the secret question.

I'm not sure it will help, but I have hundreds of 100% good ebay feedback under ryuster

quickest way to get in touch with me is at [email protected]
Verified paypal only please
I'll take $300 for the whole lot

I forgot, also have a couple lvl 90 accounts but their gear sucks and zero aa's
Druid with expac up to ROF $40
Mage with 17/20 expacs (whatever they unlocked for free) $30
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25% off all posted prices, or feel free to make an offer.

Druid reserved for Dulak @ $25
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toons can only be transferred off of the FV server by petitioning for transfer, and then it's toon only (items/coin not transferred)

Edit: most likely can't transfer any of my toons, I've been told that others have tried to move their characters off FV and have been denied
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