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Selling Ezserver accounts (1 Viewer)

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Jul 7, 2013
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Hello I just feeling out what I might be able to get for my EQEMU Ezserver accounts. I also have the eqemu forum account name/password for each account. All characters have the Reward Run Speed click. I am looking to sell them as a group but I would be willing to split off some of the accounts for a premium. I also have access to two other characters but do not have the emu forum account password for them. I will throw them in for free if someone buys the set. I have the following:

*SOLD* EMU Forum Account 1:
Warrior, T7 flagged (some T7 gear), SoA XLI, UW 8, ROA 150+, 2000+ resists, Free Waypoint, instant group cure, UC2, Experience Clicky, Stone Monster Pet

*SOLD* Account 7:
Bard T7 flagged, 4xIS8, 2xNS8, UC2
Berserker T7 flagged 3x FS8, UC2
Berserker T7 Flagged 3x FS8 UC2

Account 6:
Enchanter T6 flagged
Paladin T7 3x FS8, UC2, group cure click, group summon click
Monk T7 4x IS8, 2xNS8, UC2

Account 5:
Ranger T7 flagged, 4xNS8, 5xIS8, UC1
Cleric T7 flagged 3x IS8, UC2
Rogue T7 flagged 4xIS8, 2xNS8 UC2

Still available:

EMU Forum account 2:
Paladin T7 flagged, RoA 120+, 3x FS8 augs in weapon, 2000+ resists, free waypoint, instant group cure, UC2
Paladin T6 flagged, oracle 50
Mage T6

Emu Forum account 3:
Monk T7 flagged, 4x IS8, 2xNS8, UC2
Beastlord T7 flagged 4x IS8, 2XNS8 Group summon, UC2
Shaman T7 flagged UC1, group cure, group summon

Emu Account 4:
Bard T7 flagged 4xIS8, 2xNS8, UC2
Berserker T5 flagged, UC2

Willing to sell the remaining accounts for $150 as a set. Or will sell just the augs (3 FS8, 6 NS8, 12 IS8) for $100. Message me if you are looking for individual account prices.
Feel Free to message me if you have any questions.
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