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Selling 6 Accounts (3 RAF) Lots of 95's, AAs, Gear (1 Viewer)

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Apr 19, 2012
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This game has consumed my life again, and I have to get out. I'd like to get something out of these. I'm selling my 6 accounts as a package. All characters are on Firiona Vie. I am the original owner of all the accounts, and I have all the information.

Account 1 (RAF):

95 Paladin - ~4500 AA - Full Glorious Cultural Armor, T3 VoA Weapon, T2 VoA Shield, and some T2 VoA Non-visibles. 1.5 million plat

95 Mage - 0 AA - A few pieces of T4 HoT Gear

Account 2 (RAF):

95 Shaman - ~3500 AA - Full Glorious Cultural Armor - Mix of T4 HoT/VoA Non-visibles

Account 3 (RAF):

95 Rogue - ~3500 AA - Full HoT T4 Armor, T2/T3 VoA Raid Weapons, Mix of HoT/VoA non-visibles

95 Necro - 0 AA - Basically Naked

Account 4:

95 Bard - ~3500 AA - Mix of HoT/VoA Group armor, non-visibiles, and weapons.

Account 5:

95 Wizard - ~3300 AA - Full cultural glorious, mix of VoA/HoT nonvisibles

Account 6:

95 Ranger - ~3000 AA - In T4 HoT Armor, All AA's bow related. He is a Headshot PLer.

All accounts are paid for either 6 months or 3 months. There is some SC on almost all the accounts.

Looking for $500 OBO for the whole package.
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