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Selling 100 Troll Shaman, 100 High Elf Cleric, 75 Wood Elf Druid, CotF expansion (1 Viewer)

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Aug 30, 2013
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I'm selling one account with a level 100 Troll Shaman with 65k hp, 62k mana, 5500 ac, Epic 2.0, almost 5k AA.

Fully geared with a bunch of misc stuff. Missing augs in most slots.

And a 100 High Elf Cleric on the SAME account, 69k hp 63k mana 5750 AC. No epic, 5.3k AA. Again, fully geared but missing most augs except a few here and there.

Also on this account is a freebie 75 Wood Elf Druid, 100 AA, nothing special.

Make an offer, thanks. These were leveled for my personal use, but I am getting out of the game.

Account has 1 year 310 days, so it has LotD and will get 2nd year vet reward soon. Cleric was created in 2009 with 50 days played, Shaman was created in 2009 as well, 100 days played.

I also have 40+ Krono for $7.50 each, and 3 Million plat that I can sell extra along with account.

Will be selling more of my personal accounts in the coming weeks.
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