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Selilng my account (1 Viewer)

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May 29, 2009
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I am no longer playing EQ. I'm trying to sell my account.

LVL 85 Paladin, over 1300 AA's, flagged all the way up to Korafax towers.
Is maxed out in baking, tailoring, blacksmithing and pottery. Has high trivial in jewel crafting and brewing.

Alts are a lvl 56 Ranger, lvl 25 Shaman and other assorted low level toons.

Make a reasonable offer and we'll work something out.

Once I get a buy, I'll give you the logon information and all the other information you need.

this guy is a SCAMMER he tried to sell me an account, he just created a new station account and sold it to me.
That is correct.

I was giving a empty account that was created on June 6 by mistake.

I now have the proper account.
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