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Project 1999 SCAM ---Mygurl (1 Viewer)

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Feb 5, 2014
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Don't buy was scammed by her/him yesterday will be posting logs in a bit.

Ordered P99 plat paid and never heard from this person again.

If you look around they seem to have stuff for everything with there limited 6 posts.
I never received payment for a thing. So I am sorry this did not work out at all.
You did receive payment because you refunded the first and second said completed. Also right after the second was sent you never replied again, that was going on 23 hours ago.
Re: 130k Shards of Dalaya plat

Dude I did not scam you. I did not receive anything from you stop posting on my threads with bullshit. I am taking screenshots now of paypal so you need to contact paypal pretty quick and find out what went on.
Re: 130k Shards of Dalaya plat

I know whats going on. You figured it was worth actually scamming someone out of $28 bucks which is pretty funny.

You returned the first payment within 3 mins that i sent and asked i sent it again as a gift and as virtual payment (so i could not appeal it with paypal), you answered all my PM's within minutes until the paypal was sent again, then you did not answer any of my PM's in the last 23 hours now.
Re: 130k Shards of Dalaya plat

A bit too much personal info being provided here with the screenshots so I moved them for now. Please take this up in PMs with myself or another mod in the mean time. Thanks.
I was talking to MyGurl about buying some plat 100k for $140 after telling them i wanted to break the transaction down into 4 payments they stopped talking to me. Seemed weird.
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