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RIFT accounts to EQ1 accounts (1 Viewer)

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May 4, 2011
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I currently have 3 seperate RIFT accounts I am looking to trade for EQ accounts on Luclin/Stromm.

1st: Level 50 Rogue
2nd: Level 50 War
3rd: Level 50 Cleric

all accounts are collectors edition.
warrior account has the 100 lucky coin epic mount, the white turtle.

all characters are geared for greenscale did a lot fo t2 farming.
professions are 300.

Anyways looking to trade. you must have all the info on the EQ account in order for us to trade.

you can hit me up on:
AIM: muzzyofAH
email: [email protected]
skype: muzzythemilkman
yahoo: muzzythemilkman

anyways let me know what you got.:eq1
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