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Jun 15, 2011
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RedGuides.com Virtual Marketplace

So you lost your addiction huh? You have finally decided to sell off the last remaining piece of addiction that haunts you day and night. The good news is, we here at RedGuides we understand that sometimes it's okay to make some money on all those hours that you spent on grinding and leveling up your virutal characters.

If you are interested in using RedGuides to sell your Virtual stuff, you must know that there is a format that you need to use. We ask that you at least attempt to use this format, as it will help us all understand what you are trying to sell.

Account Selling

Server: What Server is Your Main On
Transfer Available: Yes or No
Race: Name of Character Race
Level: 1-95
Gender: Male or Female
Account Active: Yes or No - If Yes, Until When? What kinda of Account Gold sliver...
Screenshot: Place a SS if You Have One.
Alternate Character(s): List Information on Any Extra Characters.
Original Owner: Yes or No
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes or No
CD Key Available: Yes or No
Credit Card use to make account: Yes or No
Amount: List Desired Price

Server: What Server is  the services going to take place on
Services: What kind of services
Time Frame: How long will this services take
Price: How much are you selling the services for

plat selling

Server: What Server is your money on
Amount ofplat : How Much plat Are You Selling
Delivery Method: How Will You Deliver
Price: How Much Are You Selling It For

There is only one catch to be able to sell on RedGuides. The auction has to be tested by a staff member. This means that before submitting an auction, you must get it approved through one of the moderators or administrators. You will have to authenticate the auction in a certain method so that we can make sure it is a legit sale. This protects our site from scammers which could bring a bad name to our site.

An Admin/Mod will need to be available throughout the trade to assure that everything goes smoothly. If there is any monkey business, you will be in risk of losing all RedGuides.com privileges.
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