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Oct 21, 2005
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Virtual Marketplace​

So you lost your addiction huh? You have finally decided to sell off the last remaining piece of addiction that haunts you day and night. The good news is, we here at NotAddicted understand that sometimes it's okay to make some money on all those hours that you spent on grinding and leveling up your virutal characters.

This forum has been in the works for quite some time now. We have had request after request for such a place since our vintage RedGuide days. Nevertheless, I am super excited about the fact that we now have one.

If you are interested in using NotAddicted to sell your Virtual stuff, you must know that there is a format that you need to use. We ask that you at least attempt to use this format, as it will help us all understand what you are trying to sell.

Account Selling

[B]Account Type:[/B] US or EU
[B]Server: [/B]What Server is Your Main On
[B]Transfer Available:[/B] Yes or No
[B]Race:[/B] Name of Character Race
[B]Faction:[/B] If Game Has Multiple Factions, What Side is Character On
[B]Level:[/B] 1-70
[B]Gender:[/B] Male or Female
[B]Account Active:[/B] Yes or No - If Yes, Until When?
[B]Screenshot: [/B]Place a SS if You Have One.
[B]Alternate Character(s):[/B] List Information on Any Extra Characters.
[B]Original Owner:[/B] Yes or No
[B]Have Secret Question/Answer:[/B] Yes or No
[B]CD Key Available: [/B]Yes or No
[B]Amount:[/B] List Desired Price

Gold Selling

[B]Account Type:[/B] US or EU
[B]Server:[/B] What Server is Gold On
[B]Faction:[/B] What Faction is Gold On
[B]Amount of Gold:[/B] How Much Gold Are You Selling
[B]Delivery Method:[/B] How Will You Deliver
[B]Price:[/B] How Much Are You Selling It For

Item Selling

[B]Account Type:[/B] US or EU
[B]Server:[/B] What Server is Item On
[B]Faction:[/B] What Faction is Item Sold For
[B]Delivery Method:[/B] How Will You Deliver
[B]Price: [/B]How Much Are You Selling Item For

There is only one catch to be able to sell on NotAddicted. The auction has to be tested by a staff member. This means that before submitting an auction, you must get it approved through one of the moderators or administrators. You will have to authenticate the auction in a certain method so that we can make sure it is a legit sale. This protects our site from scammers which could bring a bad name to our site.

An Admin/Mod will need to be available throughout the trade to assure that everything goes smoothly. If there is any monkey business, you will be in risk of losing all NotAddicted.com privileges.
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Scam Prevention Guide

Scam Prevention Guide

There is always a risk when buying, selling, and trading virutal items. The truth is, there really is no pure way to defeat a possible scam, but there are many things that you can do to help eliminate the possibility of one happeneing as well as lower the chance of such an event transpiring.

We found this great Scam Prevention Guide written by Hessengir on the isxwow.net forums. Feel free to use it at your own disposal.

Hessinger said:
Scam Prevention Guide
Paypal Service
TrustWho Identity Verification service

Guide Updated: Dec 14th, 2007 with corrections and additional information

Knowing who your dealing with is one of the most important key factors in business today. If you don’t know anything about whom your dealing with it is very easy to get burned. Not to mention it’s going to happen multiple times if you don’t learn better business practices.

So in a virtual world, with millions of people using it, how the hell are you going to know who is honest and who is dishonest? Well that is nearly impossible to be 100% certain on. However, we can take precautions for verifying people’s honesty and trust.

Many transactions are made each day using Paypal. Paypal has provided you with some of the tools to verify that Joe is really Joe. This is the first step to verifying a person or merchant is not a fraud.

If you are a seller, you will sooner or later find that almost every scam artist uses someone else’s identity to make their purchases. If you get a payment, the first thing you should do is call the person that is purchasing the item from you. Use the number listed on Paypal not the number the person has given you. If you can not contact the owner of the Paypal account, then you should refund the money. If the person does not know what you are even talking about, obviously the person that made the purchase is not who they say they are. You will find this step will eliminate probably 75% of the scammers already trying to purchase or sell goods to you.

You should never give anyone the good(s) they have purchased unless you can verify them.

Now time to eliminate another 22 to 24% of the original amount. In early 2005, TrustWho started a verification service to identify people for being trusted business people. Purchasing a 5 dollar verification tab, will allow you access a fraud list of people, and allow you to be verified by several businesses and other users as being a trust worthy person. At the TrustWho website, you will find forums and discussion groups and daily listings of new scammers with detailed information. Now, you shouldn’t take TrustWho verifications alone. Continue to do phone verifications, and take the information TrustWho provides and compare that to the ownership of the Paypal account. If it matches, then your good to go, if it doesn’t then your probably about to get scammed.

The following paragraph is Additional information added Dec 14th, 07,

In last few months I’ve found that if you pay the person the 5$ after they have verified its allot cheaper then having to lose deals. Most people will not argue with you about the verification service as a matter of security and those that do are typical the ones you don’t want to be doing business with anyways. I found this method extremely useful, and thought it might be come in use for others as well.

Now you’re down to 0 to 3% of scammers left. These people appear to be average every day people that might possibly take advantage of the system 1 or 2 times. These types of people are hard to catch because of their inconsistency to commit fraud.

In the case you do get scammed. Don’t let it bring you down. I had many people scam me when I first started selling gold and accounts. When you do get scammed, learn from your mistakes. That is the key to being successful in this type of business. You should also notify others that you had been scammed, and give them as much information as possible to identify these people the next time they try their ways on others.

- Hessinger
And ppl that sell or trade accounts please say if its US or EU account, since its both US and EU ppl are, so ppl know it when reading the post
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