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Project 1999 - WTB Account (1 Viewer)

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Jul 28, 2011
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Want to buy account for Project 1999. Looking for:
Must be level 51-60, offering PayPal payment. Prices will be discussed via PM on these forums. Character must have gear, but are not required to have platinum and will be investigated for infractions of the Project 1999 rules, as I don't want to buy a soon to be banned account.

Thank you for taking a look, and let's get to buying your account.
New source for buying/selling project1999 items! go to www.project1999RMT.com (free to use, I got tired of scouring 24509283 websites.) enjoy!

to bad im to lazy to do an account there, got account here and on another page.

Way to much work to sell on 3 diffrent places =), but got 50k left and when i have sold of all them i dont have to try to sell stuff :)
But seems like you are getting more and more ppl there captivate, nice thing, just watch out for the P99 GMs/devs , they will be there soon and when they are, ppl will start getting banned that doing trades on your page, if you arent looking whos joining and whos not.

Like here, we have P99 devs on this page watching alot of post and stuff going on in the EMU thread :)
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