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Privacy issue fixed (EQMac IP leak) (1 Viewer)

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Oct 15, 2004
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There was an incident over the weekend created by an EQMac player who was outraged that people were exchanging money for Everquest goods. For shame, you dirty capitalists!

He made an account here, friendlyfrien, and nabbed the (suspected) IP addresses of a few sellers/buyers he talked to in private. Teichou has banned him, and I have patched the method he used to obtain IP addresses, but the trick still works on just about every other forum in existence. Actually I'm certain it does.

If you were one of the EQmac traders who had your IP leaked and would like more details, send me a PM.

If you're worried about people getting your IP address, be careful about what links you click on, don't visit our IRC chat room, don't click on files/images/websites linked to other servers in PMs, and be careful about who you email. Use a proxy if you're paranoid.

edit: Just to be clear, the trick this guy used to learn the IP of some of the traders via private message has been fixed. Your IP is now safer here than pretty much any other forum. I also spammed him with false-positives from other EQMac players to throw off the accuracy of his method.
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And I was a Dick when I banned him if that makes any of you feel better... But any ways as soon as I found out I banned him with my epic ban hammer
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