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Accounts Mischief Multiple Characters, 20 Year Account - Raid Geared - 60 Half Elf, Paladin - 58 Human, Enchanter (1 Viewer)

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Mar 15, 2016
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Account was Created May 22, 2001 - 763 DB Points


60 Half Elf, Paladin

around 600 AC, 6k hps buffed
15k plat
Gear: BP of Speed, Ebony arms, epic, AA mount, DA hammer, avatar axe, knight sword, shield of dawn, mask of dragon slayer, hand of the master, mithril gauntlets, silver bracelet of rage, bracchium secundae, etc.

58 Human, Enchanter
0 AA's
Gear: Pants of Derangement, Insidious pieces, Wand of Cursed Souls, Orb of infinite void, dire chantling ears, etc. Has almost all spells including 60

23 Bard , a few items
21 Monk, a few items
5 Beastlord, good gear ( spent a few krono twinking him just two weeks ago)


85 Half Elf, Ranger - born May 22, 2001
6918 AA's
around 72k hps buffed

Gear: Heroic gear ( was level 75 when I came back to EQ and had a free heroic upgrade, which was used)

54 Paladin
44 Rogue
36 Druid
33 Enchanter
25 Bard
25 Necro
24 Shaman
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