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Accounts Aradune Monk with +200 attack and time chest (1 Viewer)


Mar 21, 2020
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LVL 65 Frog CLR 435 AAs spent - bags: 3 40 100% weight 2 20 slot 50% 1 42 slot 100% Full PoP Flag - Full back flags previous xpacs - Earring of Unseen Horrors, Glowing Chains, Mask of Judgement, Earring of Influxed Gravity, Darkened Claw Amulet, Raiment of the Fire Son, Shawl of Eternal Forces, Wristguard of Keen Vision, White Dragonscale Boots, Do'Vassit's Gauntlets of Might, Nightcaller Leggins, Wristband of Judgement, Woven Steel Sash, Armguards of the Brute, Mail of Judgement, Ring of Destruction, Crimson ring of the Judgement, Mace of Dark Throught, Circular Crystalline Formation, Blackflame Sphere

Buffed HP: 9414
Buffed Mana: 8707
MAX FT +15 +8 AA

Fun Stuff: Shrink Wand, Ticking Companion, Bunny Selo Mount, Guise of the Decieiver, Lots of debuff removing clickies, DA Hammer, 2 50% XP Goblets, 4 shared 50% on the account claimable. Otter Illusion, Dwarf Guard Illusion AON Still has a selo mount claimable. LVL 60 Clr on Mischief.

Full Pop flags - VP - VT
750 OBO


Epic Bard - In ele gloves, time flagged, 60 AAs, epic.
90 OBO [/S]


human monk: +200 attack 258 AAs spent

Items: 2x Blue Diamond Earrings , Ton Po Ele Hat, Great Mask of Flame, Ton Po's Leather Ele Chest, Necklace of Reflected Flames, Protective Sleeves, Cloak of Ferocity, Girdle of Focus, Cloak of Fading Hues, Ton Po's Ele Wrist, Bracer of Timeless Rage, Flayed Barbarian Legs, Ton Po's Ele Gloves, Shadow Footprints (VT Haste item, has ele boots to replace (20 attack), Plat diamond rings (Can easily upgrade with p1 time ring etc)
Main weapon: Vanazir, Dreamers Dispair, and range: Shuriken of Eternity - has epic 1.0

Cool items: Shrink Clicky Wand, Ticking Companion, Bags: 3 40 slot 100% weight, 2 20 slot 50% weight, 3 10 slot 100% weight.

200 OBO


65 enchanter that is formidable, has 3 40 slot 100% weight reduction bags, 2 20 slot 50% bags, 151 AAs bazaar gear. full ele/time flagged.

110 OBO
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ After confirmed as advertised no refunds
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