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Mayong Server - 3 accounts (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Sep 25, 2008
Rating - 100%
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Server: Mayong
Transfer Available: Don't think so, server rules
Race: Troll
Class: Berserker
Level: 83, 32x AA's.
Gender: Male
Account Active: Yes - not sure how long, probably 1 more week.
Alternate Character(s): 82 Shaman, sep account, about 200 aa, great PL bot
Original Owner: Yes
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes
CD Key Available: Bought digital download, don't think so, but I can check
Amount: In addition to these 2 accounts, I have an account with a 70 bard, 68 or 69 sk, 78 monk. Would like to get $300 for all 3, or will take offers on the others. Berserker has epic 2.0 and lots of good group gear, highly ranked on the server.
Update with a bump. All accounts still available. Taking offers for all or any individually. I am out of the game now and want to recoup what I can.
Just to update in case anyone was considering these, the berserker and shaman are gone. The third account with like nothing on it is still available if someone is looking for a throw away MQ2 account.
man, i wish my account would sell on my server. but all 9 people playing on my server is allready boxing 3 accounts, so they dont need extra.
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