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Accounts Aradune Lvl 60 enchanter and cleric (lowered price) (1 Viewer)


Oct 10, 2016
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60 Dark elf Enchanter ~~ 200
Spells All the important ones (group clarity, c2,group c2, Vog )
Seb Keyed

Ear Golden Sapphire Earring
Head Loam Encrusted Cap
Face Leering Mask
Ear Golden Sapphire Earring
Neck Petrified Erudite Heart Amulet
Shoulders Loam Encrusted Amice
Arms Empty
Back Loam Encrusted Cloak
Wrist Loam Encrusted Bracelet
Wrist Loam Encrusted Bracelet
Range Sandwich of Foul Smelling Herbs
Primary Dagger*
Secondary Crude Stein
Fingers Overseer`s Signet
Fingers Rose Platinum Engagement Ring
Chest Loam Encrusted Robe
Legs Loam Encrusted Pantaloons
Feet Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes
Waist Loam Encrusted Sash
Ammo Empty
General 1 Bottle of Milk
General 2 Loaf of Bread
General 5 Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye
General 5-Slot1 Elixir of Greater Concentration
General 5-Slot2 Bottle of Adventure II (Heirloom)
General 6 Light Burlap Sack
General 7 Backpack*
General 8 Backpack*
General 8-Slot2 Tiny Dagger

60 Human Cleric (Erollisi Marr) ~~~200
Spells All the important ones
Seb Keyed
Dark elf Mask
3 40 slot bags 100% weight reducing
5 Bottle of Adventure II
1 Bottle of Speed
2 tokens of Challenged Resurrection (can be placed in the shared bank )

Ear Jasper Gold Earring
Head Banded Helm
Face Platinum Ruby Veil
Ear Electrum Jasper Earring
Neck Empty
Shoulders Adamantite Epaulets
Arms Ethereal Mist Vambraces 4
Back Banded Cloak
Wrist Serpentine Bracer
Wrist Supple Scale Armband
Hands Nathsar Gauntlets
Primary Engraved Di`Zok Deathbringer
Secondary Round Shield
Fingers Silver Jasper Ring
Fingers Platinum Jasper Ring
Chest Banded Mail
Legs Small Cloth Pants
Feet Ethereal Mist Boots
Waist Banded Belt
Waist-Slot1 Empty
Ammo Empty
General 1 Loaf of Bread
General 2 Bottle of Milk
General 3 Blood of the Wolf
General 4 Empty
General 5 Empty
General 6 Sizeable Satchel
General 7 Keepers' Knapsack
General 7-Slot1 Blood of the Wolf
General 7-Slot2 Elixir of Greater Concentration
General 7-Slot3 Elixir of Greater Concentration
General 7-Slot4 Elixir of Greater Concentration
General 7-Slot5 Elixir of Greater Concentration
General 7-Slot6 Bottle of Adventure II
General 7-Slot7 Bottle of Speed
General 7-Slot8 Book of the Righteous
General 7-Slot9 Guise of the Deceiver
General 7-Slot10 Larrikan's Mask
General 8 Outrider's Satchel
General 9
General 10
SharedBank1 Token of Challenged Resurrection x2

___Monk Sold
Refund Policy
no refund
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