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Dispute Report KRSellers, Dispute on Terms of Agreement, Lied to me (1 Viewer)

Nov 18, 2022
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Good Morning.

I purchased a Powerlevel on Teek from KRSellers. They sell krono and leveling services on multiple realms. He was advertising lvl 40-50 for 1KR in General Chat, Since i've purchased Krono from him, i decided to take him up on his offer for Leveling. Joined Group. 1 hour later, he kicked me from the Group, saying it was now 1KR per 1HR of time. I want to warn others of his services because he is dishonest with players and changes the terms he agrees upon. I was not allowed to rejoin group after because i wouldnt agree to his new terms.


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Yogurt can find proof if he had "/log" turned on.

While it is true /log is easily modifiable, it can be compared to another trader here on ectunnel who was in the same channel at the time of the ad.
Aye. Sorry yes, i did not have /log on in game. i have bought krono before from KRSELLERS with zero issues. the guy changed his krono statement on me after i was in the group, and then disinvited me when i wouldnt pay more at the 1hr mark. I told him that i would def make a thread here warning others to check and verify because apparently he does not speak good english or understand. not sure which, but i know what he told me and what he didnt honor.
No one that I know of and I sell many power levels and work with other power levelers would do 40 to 50 for 1kr. Please provide the proof because this doesn't seem remotely plausible.
I've used KRSellers before on a few toons, and its always been 1kr per hour - and while he's no aplus, its handy for if im in the office and cant actually play
Really this is not something we deal with. It's a deal done on a server not from here.

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