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Infraction for unfairsuspension: Dummy account (penalty for the dummy, not creator) (1 Viewer)


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Oct 15, 2004
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Post: Plat - WTS ~200k P99 plat
User: unfairsuspension
Infraction: Dummy account (penalty for the dummy, not creator)
Points: 1000

Administrative Note:
dummy account

Message to User:
dummy account

Original Post:
This is p99platsale, this "Temporary Suspension" on my main account is completely unwarranted and was because the moderators think that me and snapple are the same person... I've already sent an email to the moderators to get this reversed as it is absolutely untrue.

Snapple is an RL friend of mine and is completely trustworthy, don't let this FALSE BAN trick you. It should be reversed soon.

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