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Huge Christmas Sale - 1/3 Off All Characters (1 Viewer)

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Sep 20, 2005
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From now until Christmas all of my characters are one third off of the listed price. I have several unlisted ones as well so if you're looking for something particular let me know. I have 100s, 95s, and 70s available in various states of gear and price. My rep is stellar so buy with confidence. All characters are on Bertox and are transferrable.

Some of my current stock. 70s are normally 0 aa and minimal gear. 90/95s are normally 250 aa and defiant/rof T1. 100s are normally 2k+ aa and RoF T4 geared.

70 Shadow Knight
70 Enchanter
70 Berserker
70 Magician
70 Paladin
70 Wizard
70 Druid
70 Rogue
70 Bard
70 Monk
90 Magician
90 Warrior
90 Shaman
90 Wizard
90 Druid
90 Monk
95 Berserker
95 Beastlord
95 Paladin
95 Warrior
95 Wizard
95 Shaman
95 Cleric
95 Bard
100 Enchanter
100 Berserker
100 Magician
100 Wizard
100 Shaman
100 Cleric
100 Monk
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I was looking for a level 100 pally with somewhere between 1.5k-2kaa? You can either PM or send me a price range and character information.
All of my current characters are on Bertox. I can make up to lvl 90s on any live server at the moment however.
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