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FV HoT T4 Flags and Cheap Plat (1 Viewer)

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Nov 27, 2007
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Firiona Vie Server

I am selling HoT progression flagging as a whole or in individual tasks. And yes I sell a little plat too :) The prices are as follows. Please send me a message here. I have a regular job so sorry if the times seem a little slow. This is a hobby not a career :)

Platinum $5 per 100k

Complete HoT T4 Flags $50. Must be level 75 or above.

Individual HoT Progression missions $15 for The Illuminating Truth, An Offering of Thule, Catastrophic Power, Miragul's Vendetta

All other individual HoT Progression $10

Please allow 2-4 days for completion for complete flagging. Individual missions are usually done much faster.

Refer A Friend Account powerleveling 51-75 $30, which makes you eligible for HoT flag.

I ONLY use maps on MQ in the process. No zone warping etc. No AFK powerleveling.

Thanks for checking this out. ---- Monklypowah
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