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EQmac wizard (1 Viewer)

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Oct 29, 2012
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Wanting to sell a lvl 59 wizard on eqmac, hes nothing special. has 27aa

Bracer: Arantir's Bracelet of Discovery, Bracelt of beauty
head: Arantir's Circlet of Discovery
legs: Astral leggings of the titan
belt Bone: clasped girdle
feet Arantir's Sandals of Discovery
Main: Staff of the four
Secondary: War magus' arrow guard
range: ornate scepter
Rings: ring of thunderous spirits, rose platinum engagement ring
gloves: Arantir's Gloves of Discovery
ears: golden black sapphire earring
face: mask of witness
chest: froglock bonecaster robe

Account also has a naked 48 necro on it too. Not looking for much will take cash or plat offers. WIll give out accounts password to security questions as well
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