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EQmac Items / Plat (1 Viewer)

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May 10, 2013
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Most updated list, but some items are no longer available.

glittering ring of judgement x 2 , ornate leather boots, underfoot plate wrists , blessed full mithril helm, primoridal driftwood bow, horn of hasgra, swiftblade of zek , trucheon of doom, wavecrasher , crown of narandi , boots of the storm , cobalt BP , Jaundiced bone BP, Blood ember BP , Tolan's BP , Mrylokars BP , Mrylokars legs, Jaundiced bone legs, jaundiced wrists donals legs, donals boots, donals wrists ,deepwater helm and arms, Salindrite dagger, CCoM, CoCW, cloak of flames , Runed bolster belt , black plated collar , tear of the rain maker , Blood runed greaves , ornate rubicite greaves , arachnid antennae , horn spiked shoulder plates , elbow spiked arm plates , rotting eye mask ,Black plated collar, ,Zlandicar talismans , ceramic gavel of justic, ornate scepter, shield of the clawed gaurdian, stout bulwark , Amulet of necropotence, incarnadine BP, Vampyre Ashes from Zevfeer for loyalist shield quest, etc etc. Many more!

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