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EverQuest II EQ2 Account(s) for P99 items/plat/account(s) (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2013
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Account 1:

9+ Veteran Account
95/320 Inquisitor, Swashbuckler, Troubador, Dirge, Fury, Warden, Necromancer - Inq is a transmuter

Best geared is Inquisitor, worst geared is probably the Dirge.
All have at least some Skyshrine armor, while some are also geared in some COE armor.

This account also got EQ1 activated with some lvl 60-70 toons

Account 2:
8+ Veteran Account
95/320 Paladin, Monk, Berserker - monk is a 95 Alchemist and Transmuter.

Monk got primarily POW gear with some COE thrown in, generally very good geared. about 80k hp selfbuffed and can dish out some mean damage as well. Paladin got a mix of Skyshrine and some COE, Zerker is primarily geared in Skyshrine gear. Really only using him to PL toons, and hes awesome at that.

Account 3:
8+ Veteran Account
95/320 Brigand, Beastlord, Mystic, Ranger, Warlock, Conjuror, Coercer, Illusionist, Shadowknight - Conjuror and Coercer are transmuters.

Best geared is probably the Beastlord, with primarily COE items with a few POW items thrown in the mix.
SK decent geared as well with primarily COE, same with ranger, warlock, coercer, illusionist.

Otherwise a mix of Skyshrine and COE.

This account also got Vanguard activated with a lvl 40ish Bard. Also got PlanetSide 2 with a decent decked out character on some server (forgive me, cant remember them..)

Account wise, im looking for a decently geared 24+ Druid or Wizard. Nothing fancy, but they should have some gear to last them a few levels ;) Also interested in a cleric with Epic done - doesnt need to be much else gear than the epic tbh

Items, im looking for stuff worth at least 40k or more plat. Like Trakanon BPs, Fungi stuff etc. - but give me a decent offer, im pretty flexible with trading off these accounts :)

PS: Hope this is allowed to post here? Didnt read anything about it wasnt.. :)
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