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Emar services, custom characters, and more (1 Viewer)

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Apr 27, 2013
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What im offering is both for existing toons and for new toons done and transfered to new accounts.

For existing characters:

85-100= 125
aa's= 8 AA points per $1(can provide a list of aa's you wish to be bought)
COTF t1 progression= $45 per zone or 150 for all of t1 done
COTF group gear(all slots)= 100 per toon

I do give discounts for multiple toons, so pm me

Custom characters(any character of your choice)

max level and AA's, as well as cotf gear done= 250
progression add in would be 150 as well for these toons

I also do other progression, as well as augments and epics If something that your wanting isnt on here, feel free to pm me
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