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Dec 25, 2013
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Selling the following on EZ Server:
Warrior with just about Full T8 gear, XL Shield of The Ages, Epic 7.0 with VI aug, Whip with VI aug, Sceptre X, UCv2, CoTH Reward, Free Waypoint, Cure Group, Shrink Friends, Group Levitation, Fast Travel, 90 EZ Credits
Berserker with 7.0 full T4 gear, Scepter X, UCv2, Fast Travel and 3 FS5's
Berserker with 6.0, full T4 gear, Scepter X, 3 FS5's and Fast Travel
Monk with 4.0's, UCv2, x2 NS7's, x4 IS7's, Fast Travel, Full T4
Monk with 4.0's UCv1, x2 NS5's, x4 IS5's, Fast Travel
Paladin with 6.0, 2 T5 pieces ( Hands and Shoulder ) from full t6 and 5 mana augs from UCv2, Fast Travel and 3 fs5's

Will sell all as package for cheaper but as individual prices go

Warrior: 240
Berserker #1 - 150
Berserker #2 - 120
Monk #1 - 120
Monk #2 - 100
Paladin - 140

Will also take P99 blue epic character, plat or items for trade!
Interested in your warrior I tried to message you before not sure if it went through my phone capped out on me. Let me know. I have an epic 56 cleric on P99 if your interested in that still.
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