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Items Firiona Vie BUYING ALL THESE THINGS (1 Viewer)


Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Feb 13, 2018
Rating - 97.1%
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Wrapped Wiltedblossom Wreath, 4th Gate Guardian, Veksar Veil, Ice Giant.

Adoptable Wrulon Shriekpaw
Plagued Skull Fragment Pack
Ancient SSRA Sets
Sinister Steamwork Sets
Sathir Staff of Conflict / Forbidden Magic
Fists of Bayle Raid Coins
Stones of Fortune
Breezeboot Frigid Gnasher
Lens of the Evil Eye
Leprocauns Pot of Gold
Oakwynd and other artifacts
Hermit’s Hideaway
Visage of the Ice / Crystal Golem
Aspect of the Brood
Dark Elf Female Statue & Dark Elf Female Painting
Adoptable Rats/worthless Familiars in Bulk 10x at a time
Tons of wrapped teleportation devices let me know what you got, like Wrapped Froglok Head in a Jar,
Helm of the Evil Eye Ornament
Adoptable Jade Tiger

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