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Beware Narc / Scammer on P99 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 5, 2013
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Player named Gaffin AKA RMTguy2013 here at redguides is a scammer and narc. He turns in people for selling to increase his chances of making a sale.

He plays a Rogue on blue server named Gaffin and also has other toons as well. If you have done business or viewed his account turn the tables on this back stabber and post relevant info on the P99 forums or here to warn your fellow Redguides users.
All i got to say is DAMN, Remind me to never piss you off , Matter of fact i live 30 minutes from him. in real life and i know where he works
OK, im going to Stop this here , This was a Warning For us to Watch out for a User that Is known to Scam people, Proof Was Given and Handled Please Leave the p99 Drama on the p99 boards not here , Further Comments that arent needed will be handled this is your warning's
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