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95 SK Max AA's (1 Viewer)

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Dec 9, 2010
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Nothing special about this sk aside from it being Max AA and LAA

asking 400 obo, this account is 100% secured, meaning there is no name CC or SQ on file, once u purchase it u enter ur name and click save, enter ur credit card and set a SQ. Toon is in full glorious armor with symbols and seals and VOA Chest Aug.

I do understand that 400 is asking alot, but if you conmsider the fact that its a clean account, no way for it to be taken from you once u buy it and the fact it is maxed AA's u wont ever regret it.

OM Me and let me know, thank you

Shadow Knight has alarn to 71m total game play time is 53 days, account subed for 3 more months, 2 including current month, there is no logical NAME or CREDIT CARD or SQ on file. this means once purchased you simply go into account management and enter all your personal information and credit card and there you have it.
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