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90 necro / 38 rogue (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Mar 24, 2011
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  • Full vis/non-vis HoT T4 gear (lucid and slot 3 non-vis items)
  • All equip is auged and most have type 3 augs
  • ~3000 AAs
  • Necro was created in 2001, so HE has most vet AAs
  • 1 mil plat
  • Pre-nerf CoS (worth ~300k plat or more)
  • Tons of HoT T1 gear on bazaar mule to sell (at least 100k plat of stuff)
  • epic 2.0 and anguish robe
  • has iksar/human/water elemental/earth elemental/dark elf race/illusions available
No magelo sorry. The toon is currently active, so if you buy you will get whatever time is left on the sub.
This character can farm pretty much any HoT zone, with MQ and a merc its pretty much a joke how much plat and gear you can farm this toon solo.
NO TRADES. I just don't have the time for MMOs anymore with my new job and I need to sell. The toon has no ties to anyone, no one will send you a tell in game and he has a clean record with everyone on the server.
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Thats a really great deal. Suprised its still for sale. I would had i already noymt gotten one. But i got my ranger. And a friend let me get one his box toons.
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