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85 Monk / Shaman (1 Viewer)

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Veteran Assling

Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Apr 29, 2006
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Account Type: US
Server: Both on FV server
Transfer Available: Yes by rules of FV
Race: Iksar Monk - Froglok Shaman
Faction: N/A
Level: Both 85
Gender: Both Male
Account Active: Yes for another 2 weeks i think
Screenshot: N/A
Alternate Character(s): Monk account has a 80 Sk and 80 Ranger - Shaman account has a 76 Cleric and 75 Enchanter.
Original Owner: Yes
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes, not sure of it off the top of my head but i can anwser it.
CD Key Available: No been to long, lost over the years
Amount: Taking offers

Have been playing for about 9 years now and am ready for a change. Looking to get rid of both accounts together. Like all others who have played for a while ive invested alot of time and money into the game and am only looking for some compensation. For any further details and or questions pm me here or you can contact me at [email protected] and ill get back to you asap. Thanks.
Monk has 28.2k Hp 3846ac unbuffed with 1492 aa's.
Shaman has 24.2k Hp and Mana unbuffed with 426 aa's.
Both mains are fully geared in SoD T5 Armor.
The other 4 alts are unequip'd with 75 - 450 aa's.
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