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82 Warrior / 75 Ranger Cazic/Fennin (1 Viewer)

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May 4, 2011
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Want to sell my EQ account.
82 warrior
75 ranger
both on cazic/fennin

51 bard on tunare/7th hammer.

have secret answer

not original owner, but have had account for 2.5 years and bought from PA trusted seller.
82 Male Wood Elf Warrior - Cazic-Thule

Male Wood Elf Ranger - Cazic-Thule

that way you guys can check it out.

war has LoD and other vet rewards from way back when. good solid account.
let me know.

EDIT Maskoi: removed toon names and links pm anyone interest the info please
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i would remove the names and links, share only with those who contact you about purchase.....
true true, now that people are actually in convo heh... new topic i am a member to the forums and need some help with a few things.... if someone could send em a message get in vent or skype with me that would be gret involves mc2...
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