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80 Raid Tank (Warrior) For sale (1 Viewer)

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Apr 6, 2007
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I'm currently looking for a buyer for a raid geared warrior with over-capped (3000aa). This character hasn't hacked it's way to the top. Everything on him was earned the old fashioned way. The specifics of the character/account will be disclosed to any interested parties privately. This account isn't cheap, so don't PM me with questions unless you're serious. It won't be your average run-of-the-mill couple_hundred dollar transactions. It won't be cheap ;)

It is flagged for every xp group zone in the game. It is flagged for every raid zone in the game except crystallos. All mod2s are capped, and weaponry is superior to the solteris level. It has veteran aa's on the account up to and including the 7th. There are a dozen (+) useful clickies on this account as well as a half-dozen different illusion items. There are several bags of weapons on this character and in the bank, including a functional duel wield setup (better than solteris quality), a 2hander + 7dmg augment (better than solteris quality), and even a fancy Fabled Blade of War for the nostalgic. Some tradeskills are capped to 300, with an average of 250+ across all tradeskills it has access to.

If you're interested, feel free to PM me here on the boards and we can discuss the specifics.

PS: the account also has a nice melee twink (lv 77 ~560aa with CoA/Bloods/epic) on it, but that's really nothing but a sideshow perk.
I am 100% interested , and new to this site haha . All I need to know is like 4 easy questions ...
1- How much?
2- Transfurrable ?
3- Magelo ?
4- When you wanna do this ?

I sent you a PM I think not really sure how to operate this site as of yet but am willing to learn ..

Let me know an we can get this done .

I'm sorry my time away from the site (unavoidable sadly). I have replied to those who have PM'd me. The account is still available. I will have access to internet more regularly now and have begun discussing details with interested parties in PMs.

If you're interested contact me sooner rather than later as I'll probably be making final considerations over the next few days to a week.

Magelo is available via PMs on this site to those interested. He is currently server transferable.
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