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76 cleric female (1 Viewer)

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Apr 8, 2007
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the magelo link might be a little bit off cause I remember getting some different earrings/rings with better mods on it before. But the stats are about right, little over 10khps 12.5kmana unbuffed is what the cleric is. Her AAs are about right, I know its near 200 or little over, its been a couple months since I've played her.
Current Server: The Rathe
Character Class, Race, and Gender: Cleric, High elf, Female
If Character(s) are Transferrable: Account and character is 100% legit and transferrable.

Asking price is 100$ thru paypal pls, I don't like dealing with personal account numbers.

On the account there is around 300Kp in items (like twink items and such) as well as AoN skele insta clickie illusion, all can be transferable to another account or to another server. Its all 100% legit. I have 3 other accounts and cannot afford to keep the cleric going, so I stopped playing her. but thought maybe someone else could get some use out of her. The account has every expansion uptodate 14/14. I am the original and only owner of the account. I have all original info, secret password and account keys etc..etc.. All of that will be given to you upon purchase. And no I do not want the cleric or account back, so no need to worry about me trying to get it back as I can't even afford to have 3 accounts anymore lol and I like my shaman more.
If there is anymore information that you need/want PM me and I'll answer. Also let me know if you are interested.
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