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3x Lvl 95 Accounts for Salle - Priced to sell (1 Viewer)

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Mar 27, 2012
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95 Warrior- MAX aa -11k +... 70khps/7.1kac UNBUFFED - Tons of clickies and what not alaran is 91, t5 merc, 2.0 ... Free server transfer and then some worth of station cash . Can EASILY tank any t4 voa named - $325

95 SK- 3k aa, 2.0, t5 merc, 58khps/6.2kac UNBUFFED - GREAT for swarming, 79 alaran, 3 merc slots HAS 40+ XP POTS - $200

95 Zerker- 5150aa, 2.0, 67khps/6.3ac, has t4 VOA RAID weapon 295dmg/35 delay!!! Complete destroyer averaging between 12-18k dps with no specials - $350

Each account already a steal, if you buy 2 accounts i'll knock $75 bucks off, if you buy all 3 accounts i'll knock $175 off!!!
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