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100 rogue max AA (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Apr 27, 2013
Rating - 100%
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Race / Gender / Class:Gnome female rogue

Level, AA's and Leader AA's:100 maxed at 9595 with 100 banked

Expansions Owned/Missing: 20/20

Original Owner Yes/No: yes

Secret Answer Yes/No: yes

CD Keys Available / Original CC Information: yes

Magelo ID:

Stats (If No Magelo):70k hp 5k ac unbuffed

Server Transferable Yes/No:yes

Willing To Provide Land Line Number Yes/No:yes and cell phone

Account Suspended For Any Period Of Time: no

Payment Methods Available: verified paypal gift

Character Keys/Flags: none important

Price Looking For Or Offers:$250

Contact Information:here

Character also has a t1 ROF raid main hand weapon, several illusions in bags as well.
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