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Live (normal server) 100 Bard 9.1k aa You are the ORIGINAL Owner =) (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Feb 9, 2014
Rating - 100%
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SOLD!, stay tuned, more accounts available soon =)

Epic 2.0, Symbol of Battle click (tacvi one), misc illusion clicks (darkelf / iksar etc). 16 slot bags all around. Character has J5 merc, extra merc slot as well. Full Rain of Fear T1 gear with some misc annivsary stuff (first creation sash/cloak etc). 20kish plat on him and misc twink gear in bank.

Account has all xpacs through Rain of Fear (does not have Cotf).
Account info is BLANK, and email is unverified, SQ is not set, You can be the original owner completely =).

$300.00 USD sent through Paypal as gift is only option for payment.

Although new on redguides, Ive had a solid reputation trading, my name is Talon95 on Playerauctions, 100% feedback =).
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