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100/8566 Bard 20/20 Luclin Server (1 Viewer)

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Jun 28, 2012
Rating - 100%
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I am selling my primary EQ accounts because I hit a financial snag that requires me to come up with some money fast.

3 years entitled on this account
Level 100 8566 AA Bard
Level 92 4293 AA Berserker
Level 85 Heroic Beastlord

J5 Merc
Epic 2.0
Several illusion clickies
Pure Power Source Access
Some VoA Raid content accomplished
107 Mercinary AA's
903 Marks of Valor
Primary Slot - Hammer of the Deep w/ Perpetual Sharpening Stone aug
Secondary Slot - Cutter w/ Blessing of Might aug
GM BlackSmith (can make some culturals)
Pottery 287/300 (was making power sources)
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